1826 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle

The 1826 Quarter Eagle (Buy on eBay) has the lowest mintage for the series, with production of only 760 pieces. This makes it one of the few American gold issues of the 19th century with a mintage of less than 1,000 pieces and one of the lowest mintage quarter eagles across the entire denomination.

All of the coins were delivered on March 31, 1826, and in earlier times were believed to have been struck from an overdated (1826/5) obverse die. It is now believed that this is not an overdate, but only a repunched date (1826/6).

This issue is rare in all grades, with perhaps 30 to 35 pieces believed to exist. The finest known examples are two pieces graded PCGS MS-61, which have not been publicly sold in many years.