1808 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle

The 1808 Quarter Eagle (Buy on eBay) carries the distinction of being a one-year type coin with an extremely limited mintage. Demand for the issue is high from U.S. gold type set collectors as well as quarter eagle specialists.

The issue had a total production of 2,710 pieces, all of which were delivered on February 26, 1808. After this year, no quarter eagles would be struck until 1821, when the denomination was produced with a modified design.

From the original mintage, it is estimated that only 50 to 60 pieces still exist. . Most will show at least some circulation wear, or are heavily marked from contact with other coins. Many others that are known to exist have been cleaned, or will display other problems. There are a number of examples included in the population reports at the AU58 grade level, although this is presumed to include many resubmissions.

This issue represents a true trophy coin, which could be the highlight of any major collection, and a very difficult type coin to acquire in any grade. The finest known example graded PCGS MS-65 sold for an astounding $2,350,000 at auction in 2015.